The Futbol Club

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The Futbol Club comes about as a need for indoor soccer to evolve and bring about new ideas. We are committed to making an indoor facility welcoming to every age group, both men and women. With an entirely renovated concept, The Futbol Club, manages a way of life for players, family and friends. Our purpose is to modernize soccer and bring together a lifestyle to many. We are passionate about making an indoor soccer facility unique and forward looking.
Our focus is on the local community and becoming the “go to” soccer spot. We believe that soccer has yet to grow in many suburban areas of the United States, while making further
developments both creatively and structurally.​

Youth Activities
Adult Indoor Leagues
Soccer Camps
Pick-Up Soccer
… and More!
5219 NW 35th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 247-8208
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