Beach Soccer & Footvolley

With our beautiful beaches as the backdrop, warm weather year round, and our community’s love for the game, South Florida could not have a more natural setting for these two exciting forms of soccer to take place. What better way to kick back at the beach… than with a ball at your feet!?
Local talent is abundant in our area, from the shores of Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale… Broward to Palm Beach… our combination of soccer-loving cultures and amazing beach settings results in the growing popularity of these incredible sports.

Beach soccer is played with four players on the field plus the keeper.  It’s a fun and very fast paced game when  played at the competitive level. And one must overcome   the difficulty of maneuvering the ball in the sand by often playing the ball in the air.  Many enjoy beach soccer as a recreational game, but it is actually an official category of FIFAtm with many leagues around the world and even its own World Cup. The U.S. and Caribbean are also host to a number of Pro Beach Soccer Tournaments.

South Florida is grateful to be represented by two very competitive teams at the national level: Deerfield Beach Soccer Club and Florida Beach Soccer F.C.

Footvolley is a 2 vs 2 game played much like volleyball… only with no hands! Originating in Brazil, this mixture of volleyball and soccer has made it’s way around the world over the years, eventually reaching the U.S. and our South teams duel it out in the volleyball court to a game of 21.  Now if you thought joggling a ball was hard… try keeping the ball in the air throughout an entire match. Skills are a must in this game! South Florida is home to stops from the Pro Footvolley Tour and The U.S. National  Footvolley Championships.

Thanks in part to our ample South Florida Brazilian community and a handful of national organizations, these two sports have gained large popularity throughout South Florida and the country.




BEACH SOCCER                                                              FOOTVOLLEY

1. Deerfield Beach Soccer Club  (954) 655-5997                      1. Pro Footvolley League   (786) 972-5447

2. Florida Beach Soccer F.C.  (954) 553-0553                          2. Footvolley w Coach Guga  (561) 542-0961

3. Ft. Lauderdale Beach Soccer League  (954) 829-9213